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Crawl Spaces Chicago, IL

under of the basement

At Chicago Foundation Repair Pros, we’re ready to handle any concerns you might have about your crawl spaces – and this aspect of our foundation repair provisions has seen extensive use for us since our inception. The homes across the Chicago, IL area can benefit a great deal from this facet of our services, and our previous customers have always been delighted with the work we’ve carried out. Crawl spaces can be really useful, functional assets for a property, but many people neglect them until they’re in a horrible condition – and then they’re so dilapidated that any kind of function is impossible. Bring us in to take care of your crawl spaces, and we’re sure that you’ll be more than satisfied with the work that we do.

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    Common Concerns

    There are usually some signs that something might be going wrong with your crawl space – you just need to pay attention around your home. A classic indicator is when your floors above your crawl space appear to be sagging or sinking – this would obviously suggest fairly substantial structural problems going on in your foundation. Typical causes of problems are rotting joists or support beams, usually as a result of moisture infiltration into the space. This structural supports can be addressed, but a more holistic repair approach is the only guarantee that you won’t have similar problems again in the future.

    Making Changes

    You might be worried that a total rebuild will be necessary if your crawl space suffers from structural issues, but that isn’t the case whatsoever – we have the tools and experience to get it fixed whilst limiting the disruption in your home to a minimum. Sagging floors can be repaired, and joists and support columns can be replaced if they’ve begun to rot. It’s possible that during the repair process we’ll need to add further supports to the structure as well.

    Waterproofing and Insulation

    It’s worth considering adding extensive waterproofing defenses to your crawl space to limit the chance of water infiltration – a common cause of problems in properties with crawl spaces. By installing a perimeter drain internally alongside a pump system, we can prevent moisture from building up that would eventually lead to mold and rot. This increased drainage is also going to diminish the likelihood that the space will be used by pests, which absolutely love the warm and moist environments that crawl spaces can become without waterproofing. It’s also a prudent course of action to install insulation in your crawl space for the same reason – and this would act as an additional moisture barrier too. A sealed crawl space is likely to last for much longer without needing repairs.

    Greater Functionality

    If you take on these actions, you won’t just get a rejuvenated crawl space that gives your home a foundation to thrive off of – you’ll also get much more functionality than you had previously. If you have these protections in place, your crawl space will no longer be a dark, damp environment which is more likely to house rodents than your belongings. Take these steps, and you can use your crawl space for storage purposes going forward.