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Chicago Foundation Repair Pros

Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Contractor Chicago, IL

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The foundations are probably the most important part of any property – they set the platform for a successful construction and a long and happy existence, so making sure that they remain in a functional and stable condition is of critical importance. If you believe that your foundation is suffering from some kind of fault, or you’re looking for somebody to evaluate your property to give you some peace of mind, then considering the services of a foundation repair team makes total sense.

You can reduce the cost of foundation repair procedures if you’re smart about keeping an eye on your property – preventative action is almost always the way to go.

About Us

Chicago Foundation Repair Pros is the premier home foundation repair company in the Chicago, IL region – and we’re certain that we offer the most value and affordability whilst delivering the highest quality service provisions across the area. Our company has been in operation for many years now, and throughout that time we’ve always found a way to make sure our customers get exactly what they’re looking for. Of course, we’re capable of helping with more than just cracks in foundation structures – we can also aid in drainage procedures, basement waterproofing, mud-jacking, and so much more.

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    Our Services

    At our company, we do our utmost to make sure we have a comprehensive range of services to totally cover any foundation related needs our customers might have. Our contractors are industry professionals who have seen and done it all, so they’re completely equipped to handle anything you might throw our way. If you have a cracking wall or cracked ceiling, or you’re in need of a sinking foundation repair, this is the team for you. Naturally, if you’re not sure what kind of help you need, or you’re unsure whether we have the resources to assist you, our customer service team is available to provide clarity.

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    Piers & Beams

    A pier and beam foundation is a common sight in Chicago, IL – and while these structures aren’t anywhere near as popular as they were in previous decades, there’s still a significant need for foundation experts to take care of them. We can inspect your system to ensure there are no problems emerging, and use steel piers to support the structure if some kind of fix is necessary.


    Waterproofing near me can be done in two principal ways - primary sealant and secondary sealant. In primary sealant application, a thin film of waterproofing membrane is applied on the surface of the object. The application process is usually a manual one, but in some cases automatic machinery is also used. This type of waterproofing generally consists of a thin layer of foam, synthetic fibers or epoxy, which is applied to the surface with a special tool.

    The application of such foams or membranes is called impregnating. The barrier prevents the entry of moisture into the structure, while at the same time providing excellent resistance to impact, vibration and chemical action. It is a rigid, protective layer that is sprayed directly onto the surface to be treated. If a building is being waterproofed, then the membrane is applied on the outside surface as a coating and left to dry. If there is to be a space between the outer coating and the concrete surface, a silicone caulk or liquid is used to form a seal that prevents water from penetrating.

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    repairing of the pump
    Sump Pumps

    Sump pumps are a wonderful innovation that will drastically bolster your property’s drainage capabilities – and are a very common tool for anybody who has a basement on their property. These machines work by detecting rising water and then pumping it out of the structure through drainage pipes. This is a particularly smart choice for you if you’re trying to increase your basement waterproofing on top of the typical measures you might take.

    “Thanks to the guys at Chicago Foundation Repair Pros for getting my crawl space in order. I’ve been meaning to deal with it forever but just couldn’t get round to it. Now there’s no sinking, there’s no mold or water, and I’ve got more storage room. Great people, really professional, and very affordable.” – Jon M.

    repairing the basement room

    Your basement should be a functional space that adds an enormous amount of value and utility to your home, but unfortunately, that isn’t always how things go. We can take care of basements with cracks in the wall, and we’re more than happy to get involved with waterproofing procedures too. If you are on the verge of a basement remodeling project, we’re the team that you need to get on side.

    leveling the concrete wall
    Foundation Repair

    Our company is equipped to handle any kind of foundation repair processes that you require – regardless of the size or scope of the problem. We are familiar with all the different foundation types out there, and through our extensive inspection procedures we’re certain to pinpoint any problems that are taking place. Whether you require foundation repair near me and leveling, a fix for a cracked foundation, or any other kind of intervention, we’re ready to step in.

    “I’m really very happy with the team at Chicago Foundation Repair Pros! I was having a disaster with my basement as it kept flooding, but after I brought them in to do some waterproofing and a sump pump installation, there’s no problem! I’m also absolutely amazed at how little it all cost me; I was expecting a lot more.” – Jennifer J.

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    Crawl Spaces

    Crawl spaces can give a lot of value to homes – they work as an excellent storage space when they’re totally waterproofed and insulated – but they can also be a pretty dank and dark space which you won’t want to think about. We’re able to help with sagging and sinking floors due to crawl space structural issues, and we’re also more than capable of dealing with waterproofing and insulation. A sealed crawl space is just what you need to get your property back on track.

    cracks on the foundation of the house
    Foundational Cracks

    Fixing foundation cracks is one of the common service requests we get at our company – but just because your foundation has a crack, it doesn’t mean that a fix is absolutely needed. There are many types of cracks, and not all of them are insidious. We’re familiar with every kind of issue that can come up, and we have the experience and resources to deliver a fix in as straightforward and hassle-free a manner as possible.

    “10/10 to the foundation crack repair team at Chicago Foundation Repair Pros. I’d been watching a crack in my foundation for a while now, and it finally got to the point where I was convinced it was problem. They’ve resolved the issue, and now I can finally relax at home without having to worry about whether my house is going to fall down!” – Hannah R.

    Egress Systems

    If you need to install an Emergency Back Up/ Entryway system, it's important that you understand what the purpose of an Emergency Back Up/ Entryway is and how it works. An Emergency Back Up/ Entryway is designed to keep you, your family, and your business or organization protected from the threat of intrusion or burglary in the event of an emergency. A traditional Back Up/ Entryway system is simply a hole or channel in the wall which is sealed and acts as a security outlet for the house. This channel or hole can either be a door or a window depending on your requirements.

    Chicago Illinois Egress Systems
    Roof Waterproofing Chicago illinois
    Roof Waterproofing

    Waterproofing is the art and science of making a material or structure resistant to water, moisture or resisting the introduction of water in certain areas. These materials may be utilized in dry or wet environments for a wide variety of reasons. The benefit of such properties is that they enable various uses in different types of applications, therefore the demand for waterproofing engineers and contractors is always high.

    It is very common to have water from the roof end up all the way down into your basement or other parts of your home. Let us seal up your vents and chimneys to keep your home dry.

    Mold Removal

    Mold is a fungus that grows in moist, dark places. Most molds are harmless and don't harm humans or household plants. But some types of mold are dangerous to people and damage their health and degrade their property. Common varieties of mold are black mold and toxic mold. The kind of mold that causes allergies and infection is black mold.

    Moisture, water, and air are all important factors in the growth and spread of mold. Mold spores find a wet surface to grow and spread rapidly. The spores are inhaled and come into contact with other people, creating an indoor environment that is conducive to mold growth.


    Mold chicago illinois
    chicago illinois foundation repair and waterproofing french drain installation
    French Drains

    French Drains are underground drains that form through the earth and are put in place to carry excess water away from a property. A French drain or weeping tile, sometimes called a channel line, is simply a trench lined with stone or other material and filled with a permeable material or containing a perforated drain to divert ground water away from a property. These drain channels, when properly installed, can last for decades without wearing out or damage.


    Radon Testing

    Radon refers to radium-based gas that is usually invisible under normal circumstances. It is a radioactive element with a half-life of infinity (it decays to nothing). Radon occurs naturally within the earth's crust and is controlled by the concentration and location of natural uranium. Radon is an important contributor to the global radiogenic hazard, which can increase the risk of lung cancer, and sometimes cause chronic fatigue and other diseases.

    To understand radon levels in your home or office, it is necessary to understand how Radon enters our environment. Radon enters the environment through the soil, air, and water. Radon enters the earth's atmosphere from the ground as soluble trace elements. The most commonly found Radon present in the atmosphere is Urine. Since Urine contains only trace amounts of Radon, it poses no health risk to humans; however, people who are exposed to Radon in the workplace, such as construction workers, may experience severe lung disorders, such as Lung Cancer.


    radon hazards chicago illinois

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    If you’re looking for an experienced and dependable foundation repair business, we’re the team for you. Our customer service agents are ready and waiting to give you more information on the various services we offer, the amounts you can expect to pay, and the availability of our teams. They’re available through our telephone number during our normal working hours, or you can reach them by using our online contact form – both are accessible via our main website. Get in touch with them today, and allow us to begin the process that ends with a better property for you.