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Piers & Beams Chicago, IL

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At Chicago Foundation Repair Pros, we’re well-versed in carrying out repairs and maintenance procedures on a range of different foundation types – and one variety that we’ve dealt with a lot over the years is pier and beam foundations. This is a fairly common type of foundation across the United States, and while generally speaking it performs to a high standard, sometimes it can suffer from problems that call for intervention. Our foundation repair team is capable of restoring the pier and beam set up back to full functionality – all with a minimum of fuss. If your property is suffering from an issue, or you’d like to find out more information, then reach out to our customer service team today – alternatively, read on below.

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    Understanding Pier and Beam Foundations

    Pier and beam foundations aren’t as popular in modern constructions as they were decades ago, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of them around. If you spend as much time dealing with foundations as us, you’ll realize that they’re a very common presence in this part of Illinois. A pier and beam foundation consists of brick, stone, or concrete piers alongside wooden beams that support the weight of the structure above. This kind of foundation doesn’t sit directly on the ground, in fact, it tends to be about 24” above that.

    Inspection Time

    It can be hard to know if you’ve got a foundation problem, as it’s not like they’re just out and about at all times for you to notice – but there are signs that you can take note of that would indicate there’s a problem. If you have a leaning chimney, sloping floors, doors or windows that stick, or cracked walls or ceilings, then there’s a reasonable chance that you need to have your foundation looked at. We’ll carry out broad inspections to make sure we uncover any problems. Of course, even if there are no signs that something’s wrong, it’s a good idea to have an evaluation of your foundation carried out every so often – it always pays to be cautious when it comes to foundations.

    Common Problems

    Some of the common problems associated with pier and beam foundations are quite a nuisance to deal with when they develop, so it pays to invest in a specialist that can deal with the situation. Sagging floors and shifting beams, tilting or cracked piers – these are just a few of the problems that might be going on in your property. We’ll make sure that we totally resolve them to return the structure to normality.

    Repair Solutions

    Our contractors can lift up your foundation using underpinning mechanisms – like steel piers and helical piers – and this will have a stabilizing effect on the structure. Once the main danger has subsided, we can work to level out the foundation and resolve any other structural concerns present. Naturally, there’s really no substitute around for a professional foundation repair team in this case. If you’re experiencing any issues with your pier and beam foundation, act now – give our customer service team a ring immediately.