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Sump Pumps Chicago, IL

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If you have a basement in your property, you’ll surely be aware of the need to have comprehensive basement waterproofing put in place. If you have a situation where water manages to infiltrate your basement walls or floor, you could suffer from a range of problems that might extend into the rest of your property – and there’s no telling how much the repairs could cost you. At Chicago Foundation Repair Pros, we are able to deliver sump pump installation and maintenance services to give you an extra level of protection against the possibility of flooding and water damage. This could be just the solution that you’re looking for, so read on below to find out a little more information.

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    What are Sump Pumps?

    So, what exactly are sump pumps, and how do they work? Put plainly, sumps pumps are mechanisms that channel water out of your property to a location where they can safely drain, without impacting on your building. These units are housed in a basin that’s dug in the area below the main basement floor. The sump pump makes use of sensitive valves and sensory tools to detect when water is rising, and then it kicks into gear to remove it from that space. It’s a really powerful tool for aiding your basement’s drainage capabilities, and an absolute must for properties that often deal with moisture infiltration and flooding.

    Installations and Replacements

    Sump pumps are a great decision for new build properties in areas where there is a lot of water present, but it’s never too late to have one installed at your property if you have a basement – naturally, we can take care of the process in either case. Of course, sump pumps don’t last forever. You’ll need to replace them every 10 years or so depending on the model, and that’s something we’re happy to help with too. If you’ve had a successful system for the duration of the pump’s time at your property, a like for like replacement is going to be fine for you. If it’s been under or over-worked, then re-evaluations are in order.

    Picking Pump Models

    Sump pumps don’t have a complicated purpose, but that doesn’t mean models and builds don’t vary in how they operate or how powerful they are. Some sump pumps need to have a little more juice than others, either because they’re trying to help with draining a larger space, or because water infiltration is more aggressive. Picking something that suits your needs without wasting money mainly comes down to assessing just how much pumping will need to take place. We can help you pinpoint the sump pump that’s most suitable for you.

    Making the Call

    Not all properties with basements have a sump pump, but we’ve found that people never regret having them installed at their property. It gives you a little more security, a little more peace of mind – and there’s a lot to be said for that. Why risk trying to survive without a sump pump when the cost of installation is so affordable? This seems like an especially pertinent question when you consider how costly it would be if your property did suffer from flooding.